This stunning screening innovation, tried and tested in the harsh conditions of Australia is created to the fit any landscape, any backyard and size project . The unique timber-based exterior board is 97% hardwood material from 100% sustainable sources with a Negative Carbon Footprint. The natural finish is both lush with the colour and texture of timber, but with superior stability and workability. In a modular easy-to-install 1200x600mm hardwood panel it is versatile for installations large and small. Whether it’s the common problem of giving the backfence a facelift, blocking out the neighbours, walling features, cladding, partitioning, screening, entrace or border detailing... Read more about the range>

OUTDECO® are the original Australian innovators of hardwood modular outdoor screens. Cost-effective and Ready-to-Install OutdecoGardenscreen™ screens enhance any backyard, garden or landscape project big or small. OUTDECO’s unique size, format and production system has been specifically engineered and tested to suit Australian outdoor conditions.

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